The 1897 Martian Invasion

In 1897, Martian's attempted to invade portions of both the northern and southern hemisphere. As the natural Martian language was English, they attempted to invade predominantly English speaking countries, where they could both read the road signs and mock the soon to be oppressed peoples.

The initial landing force touched down in England, which was sorta important at the time, while the remainder impacted in the wilds of Northern Canada, where they were almost instantly slain by polar bears corps and the Grand Council of Wizards, who had recently relocated their Tower of Ice and Sand there from Indiana.

The invasion force that landed in England faced still resistance from the British Crown, at the time occupied by the bleak soul of Queen Victoria the Damned, sentenced to spend an eternity advising the ruling monarch due to her double crossing both God and Satan. Unsuspecting that the wisdom of Victoria had endured, the Martians foolishly launched they primary attack on London.

The incited Prince Edward the VII to activate the Crucible, causing the Great Fire of London.

The remaining martians retreated to the ocean, mating with native species and leading to the first instance of giant squid recorded. These crossbreeds are well regarded for both the taste and skills in the arts.

Since the Papacy of the Presidency of the United States has recently illegalized the mating of Martian descendants and humans, the Japanese have staged several unsuccessful marching protests.